What is a Graphic Overlay? A graphic overlay is the aesthetic face used on any product to decorate, inform, or add function to the operation of the product. It is also used as the front of a membrane switch or front panel display, and creates the interface between man and machine that clearly communicates function, key and window locations, key titles, corporate logo and other pertinent information.

ECI’s extensive knowledge and experience in the manufacturing of GRAPHIC OVERLAYS ensures that your overlay will achieve or exceed your expectations for the life expectancy of the product, informative instruction of a product’s use, and color and graphical excellence to branding your equipment. Our printing and production capabilities allow ECI to offer you the most competitive pricing in the industry. We offer both domestic and off-shore solutions on a regular basis and our quality is of the highest standards.

ECI’s designers can develop custom images or work with existing files and samples to develop exciting graphics that will enhance your product. Our superior color matching capabilities will ensure a consistent image that will promote brand recognition. We custom match to all color systems – Pantone Matching System (PMS) as well as Muncell, and the European RAL system.

From Idea to Product:

ECI works collaboratively, using a co-designing approach, working alongside the customer to create artistically beautiful and mechanically functional products which meet their needs. With the use of our skills and capabilities, we will help you design the right product and send it out to our production floor where we print and assemble your project – and even provide you with a quick-turn prototype if you so choose – and ship it out to you when you need it. ECI takes your ideas and brings them to life.

Overlay Materials:

ECI has extensive experience with every material used in overlay and other graphic applications. We will work with all the information our customer can provide and then suggest the best possible material for each project. We can work together to choose the correct material that can guarantee the most durable and life sustaining product possible.

We have printed on a myriad of materials and surfaces such as:

Polyester Autotype products




Autotype products offer:
Extensive flex life of 5 million actuations plus.
Durable. Resists scratching, scuffing and damage from chemicals and solvents.
Excellent color reproduction
Gloss or Antiglare finishes

Tekra products such as:

Superb handling properties
Pre-treated to promote adhesion to most industrial coatings
Superb handling properties
Unique glossy finish
MELINEX® 377 and MELINEX® 378

Suitable for creating wood grain and muted metallic effects


  • SABIC “Lexan” products such as:

    Raw Material
    LEXAN 8010 - Standard clear polish/polish- True color reproduction- UV/non-UV stabilized

    LEXAN 8040 Film - True color reproduction- High heat resistance- FDA approved, clear polish/polish

    LEXAN 6060 -2H pencil hardness
    8A35 – Polished/Velvet
    8A13F – Polish/Fine Matte
    8A13E – Polish/Matte (Ideal for tight graphic registration)

    8A37 – Polish/Brushed

    8A73 – Polish/Matte (ideal for light diffusion)

    8B35E – Matte/Velvet
    8B35F – Fine Matte/Velvet

    8B36 – Matte/Suede

    8B38 – Very Fine Matte/Velvet

    Benefits of Raw polycarbonate
    True color reproduction
    Excellent embossing characteristics
    Extensive texture choices
    Excellent light diffusion in back-lit applications
    Scratch and wear resistance
    FDA / USP Class VI compliance available (Lexan 8040 film)
    Chemical resistance and weathering (Lexan SLX* film)
    Excellent for In Mold Decorating
    Excellent ink adhesion without pre-treatment

    Hard Coated

    HP92 – Hard coated polished. High gloss smooth wet look finish.

    HP60 – Very Fine Matte. Low glare. Excellent for windows.

    HP40 – Fine Matte. Low surface reflection. Excellent for windows.

    HP12 – Matte. Lowest surface reflection.

    Benefits of Hard coated polycarbonate
    Extremely durable and resistant to scratching, scuffing, chemicals and solvents.
    Outstanding clarity, low haze and low yellowness.
    Gloss or Antiglare finishes.
    Many available textures and surface finishes


  • Strong and lightweight.
    Good impact strength.
    Excellent for signage and cabinet or enclosure windows and doors.
    Excellent ink adhesion

  • For more information on materials, click here. 


  • Computerized color matching

  • Pantone matching system

  • Munsell

  • RAL

  • Custom

  • Conceptual design – from sketch to product


  • UV and Flame retardant OVERLAYS

  • Digital Four color process

  • Window Tints

  • Selective texturing

  • Embossing

  • Backlighted GRAPHIC OVERLAYS

  • Embedded LED indicators


Unless otherwise specified, ECI Screen Print applies 3M products into all overlays and other graphic applications. The 3M family of graphic and membrane switch adhesives is considered the preeminent adhesives in the industry. Below are some of the 3M adhesives ECI commonly uses:

  • 3M467MP

  • 3M468MP

  • 300LSE

For more information on adhesives, click here.