We’ve enjoyed working with ECI. They have been very responsive, provide a clear idea of what to expect (digital vs. screen print, turn around times, etc.) that let us make solid, well informed decisions. I thoroughly recommend ECI if you’re looking for a quality product from a team that is invested in what you’re making.
— Sara, Marketing & Communications
I appreciate everyone’s efforts in working to make these quality tables. Everyone has been so helpful and nice. I really appreciate it - I just wanted you to know.
— Jacqueline F, Procurement
ECI always delivers excellent responsiveness from all departments.
— Angie D, Purchasing Manager
Our customer trusts that ECI can offer better production, price and service.
— Winnie, Procurement Specialist
Friendly service and good pricing. ECI can work with basic pictures, drawings, and photos to complete the design!
— Paul M., Electrical Project Engineer
I would like to thank everyone at ECI Screen Print that I deal with either directly or Indirectly. It is a true pleasure to work with a team of folks that consider customers to be #1 no matter what volume or financial impact they make. I have come to ECI over the years and have never had a bad experience with anyone there. I have come to trust that I am going to get undivided attention no matter how large or small my order is. Again, thank you and your team for the support you provide our business.
— Walter P, Director of Operations
Easy to work with, high quality product and good price. ECI typically delivers a little early!
— Ron F., Engineer
I knew nothing about label making or what was available, and ECI made it simple for me to understand what I was getting into, designing, and ordering. ECI delivers what I need without hassle and helps when I need it.
— Brendan, President
ECI’s quick turn capabilities have baled us out of 2 separate situations over the past 6 months. They don’t just say they can do it, they do it.
— Jay B., V.P. Engineering
Communication has been extremely good. Anytime we need information or have questions, ECI is there in a timely fashion and can work through projects quickly and with precision. One of my favorite suppliers to deal with.
— David L., Material Planner/Buyer
Everything is done right, always.
— Brian, Buyer
It is a pleasure working with ECI Screenprint Inc. The members of their team have the abilities, attitudes and background to take care of all our needs. The service provided by ECI has been outstanding. I wish all of my suppliers were as good as ECI.
— Diane L., Materials Manager
Thanks so much for your help during our transitional stage. If all our suppliers were as easy to work with as ECI it would have been a breeze
— Mike T., President AMC
ECI’s attention to detail recently saved my company an enormous amount of time and money. They identified anomalies in our design, suggested several options and implemented them seamlessly during our new product launch. They will be a part of our team on all new projects moving forward
— Andrew L. Senior Product Engineer
As a Purchasing Manager, I would like to thank you for giving us the heads up on this delivery. The communication level and support your company has provided is certainly one of the best I have seen and this does not go unnoticed.
Thank you again.
— –Tammy F., Purchasing/Planning Manager