A Backlit membrane switch is a membrane switch constructed with an internal layer which points and causes light to cast through the keypad areas without losing the keypad’s tactile effect. There are a number of methods to produce the desired effect depending on power requirements, the environment the product is being used in, night time or day time usage, and the complexity of the graphic layout. ECI can assist in developing the optimum lighting solution for your needs.

ECI Screen Print is leading the way in providing Backlit Membrane Switches and Rubber Keypad assemblies. Our engineering and design groups have been working with our component and material suppliers to create products that are visually attractive and strategically visible. We are focusing on the new generation of LED products that allow the design of a fully Backlit Keypad while keeping the thin profile of a traditional Membrane Switch. You can now cost effectively backlight keys, nomenclature, icons and logos. They can be multi-colored and light together or selectively.

ECI Screen Print Backlighting capabilities:

Discreet LED backlighting: With the advent of new LED products, using LED’s to create very bright and uniform backlighting while retaining a thin package is now a reality. Whether your needs are strictly esthetic such as backlighting your LOGO, or utilitarian such as low light situations or prompting, our engineering department has the knowledge and experience to design the most cost effective and attractive backlit assembly possible. Optional designs can include basic flat membrane switches, graphic overlays, rubber keypads or a combination of these.  LED’s will out-perform other backlit technologies in brightness, life and color choices and will not affect the tactile response of switches if they are included in your design

Fiber Optic: Using fiber strands layered in flat panel sections, ECI can backlight full sections of graphic and membrane switch panels using a small number of LED’s. This option is a great design choice when the product requires a large unbroken field of lighting. The system allows the panel to glow, using the light of one or more LED’s to disperse light evenly across a field. The system has no Electrical interference or heat when lit.

Light Guide Film: Tiny micro-lenses (20-50 microns in diameter) are used in thin films and plates to redirect light out of the light guide by using internal reflection and are custom placed according to requirements. They come in a variety of densities, sizes, and shapes and are custom laid out for each device application to maximize performance. The micro-lenses are used only where light is required. These micro-lenses reduce power, heat and complexity while giving the viewer a clear display and simple design. Because the micro-lenses are versatile, they are able to fit a wide range of display products including control panels, portable devices, handhelds, watches and small displays. ECI Screen Print can provide very efficient and uniform lighting using Light Guide Film technology.

Electroluminescent: Electroluminescence, or EL, is a process of lighting by using DC voltage, sending it through an AC inverter, and exciting a phosphorescent material coating between two electrodes, causing them to be excited and light up the molecules. They are composed of thin films and can be printed in a variety of patterns as well as be embedded under many different display and user interface products. The only drawback to EL is that they have low efficiency as their lifetime is limited to only hundreds of hours.