Industries Served: Industrial, Military, Food Equipment, Medical, Consumer, Avionics

ECI’s production engineers and graphic artists are here to design and manufacture your membrane switches, graphic overlays, touch screens, and more, no matter your industry.

Our experienced team utilizes materials and techniques that are best suited for your application and aesthetic requirements. We continually test new materials, products and inks in a variety of applications to consistently offer the highest quality options for you.

ECI offers the engineering expertise, manufacturing processes, and production technologies necessary to produce diagnostic sensors and other medical devices for the healthcare industry.



Our experienced staff will work with you to find the right materials that will hold up in your industrial work environment - whether the product will experience environmental pressures or frequent use, our team will help you choose the best materials and applications to your graphic overlay or membrane switch that will maximize quality assurance for years to come.

industrial Examples

Industrial Scales

CNC Machining Equipment


Laser Scanners

Hipot Testing Equipment

Dental Instruments

Lift Controls


Food Equipment

ECI is a reliable supplier of quality overlays and switches for equipment in the fast food industries. We work with our customers to understand the specific environment and “wear and tear” the equipment will undergo and will guide them in finding the right quality materials for the right function.

food equipment examples

Cooking Equipment

Soda and Vending Equipment

Refrigeration Equipment

Lighting Controls

Sounds Controls

Thermostatic Controls

Fire and Safety

ECI takes pride in providing quality overlays, membrane switches, keypads and labels to the fire and safety industries used throughout the world. Our design team and artists keep in mind the environment and robust strength needed to convey the right message clearly and precisely with the best quality – including materials – to ensure maximum safety to our customer’s customer. Assisting you with our attention to ultrafine detail, we work with you to create products that will guarantee the best results for your application. 

 fire & safety Examples

Overlays, labels and keypads for Fire Alarms

Safety Instruction Labels

Fire Extinguisher Dials and Gauges

Warning Labels

Display windows

Human and Veterinary Healthcare Products


ECI offers the engineering expertise, manufacturing processes, and production technologies necessary to produce diagnostic sensors and other medical devices for the healthcare industry. 
Our engineering staff provides customized design and production solutions to ensure the most appropriate materials and techniques are used to meet the tight tolerances and sterile applications for the medical device industry. We have extensive experience printing on unique substrates using specialty and medical grade inks. We work in partnership with our customers to identify new materials, products and applications to consistently achieve the highest quality.

medical examples

Control Panels

Diagnostic Sensors

EKG and ECG Sensors

Diagnostic Electrodes

Optical Sensors and Devices




ECI will work with you to find the best materials and attributes for your military product needs, whether its LED installation, or industrial strength inks and adhesives that will hold up against harsh environmental conditions. We have the solutions to your military product needs.
ECI has many decades of experience working with customers on products used in Military application. Our level of detail, testing, methods, materials and processing allows ECI the flexibility needed to produce the most robust products to be used in some of the harshest and high risk environments in the world. Whether utilizing a Mil Spec certified material, or following ITAR compliance standards, ECI will produce products which will stand the test of time. Our products are routinely used on Aircraft controls and lighting, Naval vessels, Military Personnel Bio feedback, and Tactical Communication projects.

military examples

Naval Sea Systems

Aircraft Applications

Tactical Communications