ECI has positioned itself to be competitive with both onshore and offshore capabilities. We have a digital fabrication and manufacturing department that allows ECI to not only competitively “pick and place” sub-miniature components and metal domes but also create high tolerance parts using laser cutting and CNC knife plotting. These machines and processes are not only an integral part of our “Quick Turn” and rapid prototyping capabilities but can also be used for normal lead production runs.

ECI’s digital fabrication capabilities:

SMT (surface mount technology) component placement systems, commonly called pick-and-place machines or P&P's, are robotic machines which are used to place surface-mount devices (SMD's) onto a printed circuit board (PCB) or other substrate. They are used for high speed, high precision placing of broad range of electronic components.

Laser Cutting is a digital technology ideally suited for projects requiring extremely tight tolerances or intricate patterns normally not toolable. Laser cutting is a cost effective choice for short run projects and easy cost effective design updates. Sizes up to 24" x 48" including Fiducial Optical Registration.

CNC Knife Plotting is similar to Laser in that it is a digital technology which does not require tooling. lt is used when materials cannot sustain the heat created from Laser cutting or the overall size exceeds 24" x 48". Lexan is cut with particularly crisp edges. Zund Plotting sizes up to 52" x 72".

I appreciate everyone’s efforts in working to make these quality tables. Everyone has been so helpful and nice. I really appreciate it - I just wanted you to know.
— Jacqueline F, Procurement