FP3: An Approach to Innovation In the Industry


The FP3 Conference (Functional Printing, Process and Products) has come to a close after its three days of panelists during June 4-6 in Chicago. The conference focused on the innovative mindset of the printing industry, including topics on business, printed electronics and industrial printing.  FP3’s in-depth look into the industry included not only innovation, but also the importance of learning and mentoring, all of which were a huge focus for ECI Screen Print President and SGIA Board Chairman, Edward F. Cook Jr. “Screen printing and digital printing are growing our industry and stretching its boundaries. FP3 is about pushing those boundaries further.”

Cook expressed his biggest concern with the employment crisis, focusing on different generations and the importance of mentoring and guiding new staff members. He explained that there are gaps and biases against certain demographics, particularly millennials, and explored how we should approach recruitment into the employee base. Mainly, his focus was on fresh art students – problem solvers, entrepreneurial, skilled collaborators with project management skills and a passion for their craft.

Cook’s approach was simple: engage and inspire the upcoming generations to be part of the bigger picture so that they may find relevance for what they are doing. As a result, the workforce change improves the culture.

While much of FP3’s focus was on innovative technology, the topics of sourcing, recruiting and guiding innovative minds were also a piece to the FP3 puzzle. Edward Cook’s presentation showed how understanding the demographics of each generation will help improve our workforce quality and ultimately create a progressively innovative environment.

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An SGIA Webinar  will be held on August 30th from 2-3 PM for those that were unable to attend FP3 called “Mixing Colors - Recruiting Exceptional Talent for a Creative & Technical Workforce”

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